| Build an Atomic Quantum Simulator 

| Emulate  Quantum many-body physics 

| Create Synthetic Quantum Matter

Our group is generally interested in analog quantum simulation by which quantum systems would be especially apt at simulating actual physical quantum behavior in material.  This requires sophistcated Hamiltonian engineering in the quantum system that consists of ultracold atoms. Various engineered Hamiltonians have been developed and implemented in our apparatus, which allows us to explore the synthetic quantum systems and material including but not limited to:

Fermionic quantum simulator | Yb >

Design, Synthesize and Simulate Topological Matter with ultracold fermions 

The driving force of this project is the curiosity and desire to quantum simulate exotic quantum phases beyond the natural conditions in an artificial system. Using ultracold ytterbium fermions trapped in engineered optical lattices, we aim to engineer the band structure and its topological nature by which topological phases in different dimensions can be experimentally explored.

Ultracold Fermions  To mimic electron's behaviour in solids, we first prepare a gas of fermion in ultracold regime around 50nK above the absolute zero. This sample allows us to explore numerous quantum phenomena likewise exotic quantum materials. 

Dipolar quantum simulator | Er >

This apparatus uses ultracold erbium atoms with unique long-range dipolar interaction which is not availabe in other alkali atoms. We aim to use several tools of atom and quantum optics to engineer synthetic systems simulating new phases of matter. This new quantum simulator provides a dipolar bosonic system for use in applications related to quantum information science and sensing.   Our interests on this project include:

Programmable quantum simulator   | Sr >

A new programmable quantum simulator for quantum computation being constructed. 

More details coming soon.