Our group has organized the following conferences and seminars:

2024 4/22-25

Quantum simulation of novel phenomena with ultracold atoms and molecules [Link]

2023 11/30-12/01

HKUST-Strathclyde Joint Workshop on Quantum Technologies [Link]          

2021 12/13-16 IAS Focused program

Quantum Simulation of Novel Phenomena with Ultracold Atoms and Molecules [Link]

2021 8/26-27 IAS Center for Quantum Technologies Inaugural Workshop [Link]

2020-21 "AI Meets Physics" seminar series

(organized by Gyuboong Jo/Junwei Liu/Tao Liu/Bei Zeng)

We are running a "AI Meets Physics seminar series at the Department of Physics, HKUST.

A list of speakers is availble :

[Mr. Entong Zhao (HKUST)]

[Dr. Pengfei Zhang (Caltech)]

[Prof. Lei Wang (IOP)]  on 24 November 2020

[Prof. Sunny Xin Wang (Cityu)] on 16 February 2021

[Dr. Shuo-Hui Li (HKUST) on 9 March 2021

[Prof. Yi Zhang (Peking University)] on 13 April 2021

[Prof. Dohun Kim (SNU)] on 18 May 2021

2019 7/22-23 Waterloo-HKUST workshop on Emerging Quantum technoklogies in solid-state and atomic systems

2019 5/6-7 Quantum Simulation of Novel Phenomena with Ultracold Atoms [Link]

2017 12/5-8 Croucher Conference in Frontiers of Cold Atom Physics [Link]

2015 12/11-15 Topological Phasese in Condensed Matte and Cold Atomic Systems [Link]