Graduate/Postdoctoral positions available in the Ultracold Quantum Gas lab at HKUST 

Updated:  September 2023

[Fall 2023] Postdoc and PhD/MPhil positions availabe 

The ultracold quantum gas laboratory at HKUST invites applicants for a graduate research position and a postdoctoral position in experimental Atomic Molecular Optical (AMO) physics. Our group mainly focuses on the study of quantum dynamics in synthetic quantum matter made by ultracold fermions/bosons using various tools in experimental Atomic Molecular Optical (AMO) physics. The successful candidate will work at the interface between AMO physics and condensed-matter (CM) physics, investigating quantum many-body systems with synthetic gauge fields, non-trivial topology and long-range dipolar interactions. 

Graduate Student 

Candidates for Ph.D/Mphil students should have either Bachelor or Master degree in physics, quantum optics, cold atoms or related fields. Competitive candidates with strong background in AMO and related physics are strongly recommended to apply the prestigious Hong Kong Ph.D fellowship (HKPFS) that supports the monthly stipend of US$ 2,600 plus the annual travel allowance.

Postdoctoral fellow 

An ideal postdoctoral candidates should have the potential to develop a new experimental application in quantum many-body physics in the ultracold atomic system. A strong background in optical physics, cold atoms, optical metrology, quantum optics and related fields is preferred. Competitive candidates may be considered as a IAS postdoctoral fellow.

We have following positions available:


Gyu-Boong Jo

Professor of Physics

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)