Ultracold Quantum Gases | HKUST

Jo Group | The Jo group, led by professor Gyu Boong Jo, explores new frontiers in atomic quantum simulation and quantum computation

Laboratory for UItracold Quantum Gases

IAS Center for Quantum Technologies

Department of Physics

Microelectronics Thrust, HKUST

We are an experimental Atomic Molecular Optical (AMO) physics group within the physics department at HKUST. Our group currently utilizes atomic quantum simulators with ultracold atoms and explores the interface between AMO physics, condensed-matter physics and quantum information science. We are generally interested in following directions in which quantum mechanics is important:

  • Quantum simulation and computation

  • Quantum engineering of synthetic systems

  • Many-body quantum dynamics in synthetic matter

  • Utlracold quantum gases

Our gouup is supported by the HKRGC, Croucher Foundation, Harilela Foundation and HKUST.

New results

Toplogical control of quantum states in

non-Hermitian spin-orbit-coupled fermions

Nature Physics 10.1038/s41567-021-01491-x (2022)

Active locking of a diode laser

with injection locking

Review of Scientific Instruments 92 123005 (2021)

Heurisitic machinery for thermodynamic studies of SU(N) fermions with neural networks

Nature Communications 12 2011 (2021)

Hari Harilela Foundation