JoLab Build an Atomic Quantum Simulator & emulate  Quantum many-body physics in Synthetic Quantum Matter
We are an experimental Atomic Molecular Optical (AMO) physics group within the physics department at HKUST. Our group currently utilizes atomic quantum simulators with ultracold atoms and explores the interface between AMO physics, condensed-matter physics and quantum information science. We are generally interested in following directions in which quantum mechanics is important:
  • Quantum simulation and computation 
  • Quantum engineering of synthetic systems
  • Many-body quantum dynamics in synthetic matter 
  • Utlracold quantum gases 
Our gouup is supported by the HKRGC, Croucher Foundation and Harilela Foundation.

Research Highlights

Machine learning-aided study of SU(N) fermions

arXiv:2006.14142 (2020)

Narrow-line Er MOT with two-stage slowing

Phys. Rev. A 102 013319 (2020) 
arXiv:1912.12649 (2019)

Bosonization in SU(N)-symmetric fermions

Physical Review  X  In press  
arXiv:1912.12105 (2019)

Collective excitations in 2D SU(N) fermions

Phys. Rev. Research  (Rapid comm.) 2 012028(R) (2020)
arXiv:1905.10815 (2019)

 3D Nodal Lines semimetal band 
for ultracold fermions

Nature Physics15 911-916 (2019)

Collective-mode in spin-orbit-coupled fermions

Scientific Reports 8 18005 (2018) 

Symmetry-protected Topological phase 
observed with ultracold fermions

Science Advances 4, eaao4748 (2018) 

All-optical realization of spin-orbit coupled Fermi gases 
of alkaline-earth-like atoms
PRA rapid comm. 94, 061604(R) (2016)

Efficient production of high- flux ytterbium source
Applied Physics B, 122:250 (2016)


Degenerate Fermi Gases of Ytterbium-173