Current Members 
Gyu-Boong Jo
Principal Investigator
gbjo AT
CV [PDF]  
Short Bio.
Dr. Peng Chen
Research Assistant Prof.
plngchen AT

Chengdong He
Graduate student 
cheab AT connect.ust.h
Entong Zhao 
Graduate student
ezhaoaa AT connect.

Elnur Hajiyev
Graduate student
BS Nanyang Tech.
ehajiyev AT
Zejian Ren 
Graduate student
zrenaf AT
James (Bojeong) Seo  
HK PhD Fellow
Graduate student

bseo AT
Ziting Chen 
Graduate student
BS Sun Yat-sen University
zchencx AT

Mingchen Huang  
Graduate  student 

Physics, SUSTech
mchuang AT
Peter Ka Kwan Pak
Graduate student 
BS Physics, HKUST 
kkpak AT
Mithilesh K. Parit 
Graduate student
BS/MS Physics, IISER, Kolkata 
mkparit AT
 Toby Ting Hin Mak
Physics, HKUST 
thmakab AT

Shi Quan Foo
 Physics, HKUST 
 sqfoo AT
Mr. Kwok Fai Yeung

Former group members

Weijun Yuan (Research assistant-IRE program, June 2018 - July 2020, currently PhD at Columbia)
Inho Choi (Research assistant, January 2019 - March 2020)
Qianhang  Jerry Cai (Research assistant-IRE program, September 2017 - August 2019, currently Univ. of Amsterdam)
Junwei Ma (UROP student, Feb - May 2019)
Yee Ming Tso (Research assistant-IRE program, January 2017 - April 2019, (to be) graduate student at  JILA)
Brian Yang (Research assistant, August 2018, currently University of Michigan)
Jinho Kim (Visiting student, February-June 2018, currently UNIST) 
Bowen Sun (September 2017 - April 2018)
Deokyoung Lee (Visiting student, July-December 2017, currently ADD, Korea)
Geyue (Frank) Cai (Research Assistant-IRE program, January 2015 - July 2017, currently Graduate student at Univ. of Chicago)
Kwangrae Kim (Visiting student, July-August 2017, currently Undergraduate at POSTECH)
Dovran Amanov (Research assistant, Feb. 2016 - Feb. 2017, currently at Harvard)
Xavier Yao Xiao (UROP student, summer 2016)
Ahreum Lee (Visiting student from Postech, July-August 2016, currently graduate student at U.Maryland)
Songhao (David) Zhu (Research assistant, Dec.2013 - July 2014, currently Graduate Student at Stony Brook University, USA)
Ting Sam Wong (Research assistant, Dec.2013 - Dec. 2014, currently Graduate Student at the Osaka University, Japan)
Bojeong Seo (Visiting student, June-August 2014, currently Graduate student at HKUST)
Hon Kwan (Research assistant, August 2014 -Jan. 2016, currently Graduate Student at the Osaka University, Japan)
Wing King (Henry) Chan (Research assistant, May 2015 - July 2016, currently Mech.Eng. at HKUST)
Chang-woo Cho (Sep.2014 - Sep. 2015, currently Ph.d at HKUST)

Bo Song (PhD, 2014 - 2019, currently at Cambridge)
Yueayang Zou (Phd, 2013-2018, currently at Innsbruck)
Dr. Wei Huang (Postdoc, May 2015 -May 2016, currently Associate Professor at SCNU)
Dr. Fudong Wang (Postdoc, currently Assistant Professor at SUSTECH)
Dr. Shanchao Zhang (Postdoc. September 2013 - August 2017, currently Associate Professor at SCNU) 
Dr. Jeongwong Lee (IAS Junior fellow  October 2018- Feb 2020, currently at AOsense, USA)
Dr. Peng Chen (Postdoc Oct 2018- Oct  2019, currently Research Assistant Professor at HKUST)

Internship students
Jong-min Choi (Hong Kong International School, June 2018)